The N.C.C. in this College functions in two separate wings.The Army Wing (infantry and the Naval Wing, students interested to join in N.C.C. may contact the concerned N.C.C. Officer.


Three N.S.S. units each with an enrollment capacity of 50 students, directly controlled by the Berhampur University, function in the college students with an aptitude for social service are enrolled as N.S.S. volunteers at the beginning of the academic session. A member of the teaching staff acts as the Programme Officer for each N.S.S. unit, each unit has adopted certain villages as its area of operation and conducts special campus during vacations.


A Red Cross Society functions in this college under the supervision of a Counselor nominated by the Principal from amongst the members of teaching staff. Membership of Society is open to all the students of the College who desire to participate in its programme of activities.

Scholarship, Stipend & Financial Aids


The following scholarships and stipends are available to eligible students studying in this college. Details can be had from the officer-in-charge of scholarship.

i) National Scholarship

It is awarded on the basis of merit in the Annual H.S.C. Examination. Ordinarily students who have secured 70% or more marks in aggregate at H.S.C. Examination are likely to win this scholarship. The annual income of parents should not exceed Rs. 6,00,000/-

ii) National Loan Scholarship

50% of marks in the qualifying (H.S.C./C.H.S.E.) Examination with the annual income of parents not exceeding Rs. 6000/- renders a student eligible to apply for National Loan Scholarship.

iii) Senior College Merit Scholarship

Awarded to the student of Degree Classes on the basis of C.H.S.E. Examination marks (at least 50%). The value of the Scholarship is Rs. 50/- per month.

iv) Junior College Merit Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of results of H.S.C. Examination. Students securing at least 60% of marks are eligible to apply. The value of the Scholarship is Rs. 40/- per month.

v) Post Matric Scholarship For SC & ST Students

Stipends are given to the S.C. and ST. students by the T.R.W. Department, Government of Odisha, provided they are not employed.

vi) Stipend to Children of Freedom Fighters

Awarded on the basis of annual H.S.C. and annual CHSE Examinations to the bonafide child, stepchild or adopted child of a freedom fighter / bonafied refugee from Pakistan permanently residing in the State of Odisha and grand children through predeceased sons.

vii) Scholarship for Teachers. Children

Awarded to the children of Primary Teachers, High School Teachers and Secondary School Teachers on the basis of results at the H.S.C. Examination. The annual income of parents shall not exceed Rs. 25,000/-

viii) Stipend for Physically Handicapped Students

These are awarded to lame, deaf and orthopedically handicapped students whose age is between 17 to 30 years. The students must have secured at least 40% of total marks in H.S.C. Examination for eligibility.

ix) Concessions to Children of Military Personnel

Educational concessions are given by Govt. of Odisha to the children of military personnel (Army / Air Force / Navy) and paramilitary personnel (B.S.F./T.A. /O.S.A.P.) who were killed/ permanently disabled / declared missing during Indo-Chinesehostilities of 1862, Indo-Pak wars 1965 and 1971 and Defence Personnel of IPKF in Srilanka

x) Hindi Scholarship

Every year Govt. of India awarded 119 scholarships to students for non-Hindi speaking states for post matric studies in Hindi. Students continuing the studies in +2 and +3 classes are eligible to apply subject to the condition that they have passed previous examination taking Hindi as a subject and Hindi should have been taken as one of their subjects in present course of study. Students passing compartmentally are not eligible.


1. Free studentship are awarded every year to poor and meritorious students to the extent of 12.5% of the total number of students on the rolls of College on the basis of recommendation of Free Studentship.

2. Full free studentship is awarded to a student whose parent/ brother is servicing in the Army. For such help the concerned student has to produce a certificate from the Commanding Officer.


Poor and meritorious students are given financial assistance from Social Service Guild and students. AID Fund for payment of tuition fees, payment of examination fees, purchase of books etc. on the basis of recommendations of respective committees.